Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In the Shadows of Greatness

Spare a thought occasionally for all those English towns that have to live in the shadow of great cities, for example: Slough, Watford, Dudley, Birkenhead, Stockport, Gateshead, South Shields.
It can't be much fun having to explain where you're from geographically by using the big shitty beside you to direct visitors and tourists.

Of course the proud small town dweller will give directions like this: "Where's Watford? Well, it's in Southwest Hertfordshire between the M1 and the M25 about 20 minutes drive south down the M1 from Luton"

Whereas pragmatic small town dwellers, resigned to their fate living in the shadows of greatness, will answer, "Where's Watford? Well it's in Northwest London just north of Rickmansworth"

Knowing also that they don't need to name counties and motorway numbers because everyone can find London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle in a road atlas!

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