Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mozzer on a string!

Well, well, well. The BBC has confrimed today that Morrissey could represent the UK in this years Eurovision contest

Well I love Moz! Saw him 3 times in 2006. Twice in my home town in fact. And on the bootleg of the Swedish Radio recording of his second night on my manor you can clearly hear me shouting out "Life is a Pigsty!" just before they start it. Fame at last!

Anyway back to Eurovision... Eurovision 2006 was a great success because finally the voting public showed that Euromuzzak ethno-pop-pap isn't what's wanted. But hard rock and real music in general is!!! Lordi. Lordi !

I'd love to see Moz do it, I think he'd win hands down with a proper rocky song!
And I can imagine that he feels it would put him into that small group of famous British artists that are such an institution, such a huge part of English culture that doing Eurovision isn't considered naff, and it is a small group: Cliff Richard, Lulu, The Shadows, Matt Monroe.
And now Moz.

Let's face it, Moz does play on the '50s & '60s crooner image quite a lot, in his suit & quiff, so Matt Monroe isn't too far off imagewise!
Mozzer, Mozzer, Mozzer!

(Note: Katrina thought that she & her waves were huge, they aren't. So they were naff! To do Eurovision you have to be well etsablished and already a huge success beyond changing musical fashions (Matt Monroe, Cliff Richard etc.) or an absolute beginner. Failing and fading '80s pop bands are naff when they do Eurovision. Sorry Kat, but as much as I loved you at the Mean Fiddler shaking your lovely stuff back in the early 80s, braless in your white vest, on Eurovision you were embarrassing, even though you won!)

Now after such a long entry on this subject dahlings don't start thinking that I'm some kind of Eurovision queen!

Cheers and Le Royaume-Uni: douze point!

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