Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The price of chips

Having practiced on two blogs I created last year I now "think" I'm ready to run a proper blog with real daily or perhaps weekly - if I'm realistic - input. Well, that's the theory. How it goes in practice remains to be seen.

Why have a blog at all? After several years of sending informative, angry or corrective letters to Swedish newspapers on a whole range of subjects, from how the British police work to what language Yoshua Ben Yusef spoke, I now feel I want a forum on which I can post my views about Sweden and Swedish society from the perspective of a migrant, especially with regard to how Swedes and the Swedish state view the outside world. And to post my views about the UK and Ireland from the perspective of an exile.

One major area of interest has always been languages, linguistics, etymology and socio-culturally related subjects. Hence my job - translator/proofreader/interpreter/English teacher, and the fact that I'm bilingual.

Of particular interest within that field is how English differs not only between Irish English speakers and British English speakers but also between the language of the "English" in the UK and those of Irish descent in the UK . Additionally how the various forms of spoken English are received and perceived by Swedes.

An older blog I had was called "Amn't I is correct!" And I was going to use that title for this one but in the end didn't want to limit myself subject-wise. So "An Irish-Lononder in Sweden" it is.

Another area of interest is the sometimes frighteningly huge and sometimes almost indescernible socio-cultural differences between myself and the Swedes around me and between British/Irish life and Swedish life.

Huge things like the fact that in Sweden everyone through necessity has, or has access to, a car. And in fact many families in Sweden have at least two cars. Now when I lived in London, you didn't really need a car and so accordingly most poeple didn't have cars.
The necessity in Sweden is caused by public transport being so bad or rather so limited due to the relatively small populaiton combined with the size of the country and the great distances that many people commute.

One of the small differences, indescernible to Swedes, that still bugs me is that people here always answer the phone with their name and/or phone number, as if they are obliged to provide the person calling THEM with personal details. Now for obvious security reasons in London you never did that.

Anyway, my blog is going to cover everthing from why amn't I is correct and aren't I is wrong to theology, real ale, and the price of chips!



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