Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Darwin is spinning!

The newspaper that I subscribe to and therefore take out of my post box every morning and read over breakfast is called Värmlands Folkblad (VF) - a local newspaper from a rural county of Sweden, which would also appear to be somewhat of a Bible belt if the response to the question posed by VF yesterday on its website is anything to go by.

This was the question "How did mankind come to be?"
And the two options provided were: Evolution - Creation

Then each morning the results of the previous day's voting on the question of the day are printed. The result today is shocking, worrying, annoying, horrifying and quite simply baffling.

Evolution - 29%
Creation - 71%

Of a total, it must be said, of only 1,340 votes. Presumably, I would hope though most of those being members of various churches on the campaign trail yesterday crusading for the creation myth!
And not, I hope, as it would appear at first glance a cross-section of average residents of Värmland.

Someone once observed that Sweden is a rural agricultural community (with all that that entails, from superstition, fanatical religion and invoking the gods of weather and fortune) that has moved into the towns.
Well, if the results of yesterday's question of the day are to believed, then Värmland certainly proves that observation.

And Darwin will be spinning in his grave for a good while yet!


James B said...

Well apparently, it now appears that the whole thing was sabotage orchestrated by a couple of cbildish bloggers on VF to get their readers to vote like that, so that people would think the worst about people in Värmland and VF readers in particular


Rammstein said...

I think that was pretty clever actually.

James said...

I think it was pretty childish, but I expect notihng more from a couple of Stureplan morons!