Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ha ha the witch is dead

Finally Peter Franke over at VF (local Swedish newspaper) woke up and realised he had a responsibility towards his readers and removed the offensive blog of the two blogging brothers. A blog that has done nothing else since day one than attack the appearance of well known people, and post infantile comments about everything and anything that is unimportant and free of any substance. Basically, the average content of a conversation between media types and teenagers on Stureplan.

All I want to know is why did it take him a month to do it?

Obvious answer is that he was quite happy with the massive figures (and revenue) that that blog was pulling into the website every day. But finally his conscience got the better of him.

Well done Peter. But let's be honest, you took too long to remove it. And you should never have let them blog on VF in the first place. I mean, what were you thinking? Stureplan = Karlstad...nah, not quite!

NWT (a worse local Swedish newspaper) asked the same question about why it took Peter so long to react. And gave much the same obvious answer as I did.

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