Monday, March 3, 2008

Swedish humour doesn't travel well

A few weeks ago, a couple of Stureplan slickbacks (that is the equivalent of the male Sloane Ranger hooray henry of yesteryear) started their own blogg in one of my local newspapers here in Sweden.

Now a few days before their first entries appeared on their blogg on the newspaper's website, the newspaper in question had a huge article on these two Stockholm bloggers and couldn't stop praising them and how great they were at blogging, and what an honour it was for this newspaper (a small county newspaper, located about 4 hours drive west of Stockholm ) to have them writing a blogg for them.

So last week, at the first opportunity and the first time I remembered to do so I went into this newspaper's website to read this allegedly fantastic blogg by these two brothers. Only to find silly one and two line entries and unfunny jokes and observations by these two. As well as personal attacks on all sorts of people in the sports, media and political arenas. Plus pointless daily observations about their health and various situations and moods they find themselves in. And rants about totally unimportant things that nobody else cares about or even affords a second thought.

The word substance is clearly one they've never heard. Because it is completely absent from their blogg. Or is it just me not understanding this level of puerile Swedish humour?

Maybe it is, in which case, this type of puerile Swedish humour doesn't travel well!


Rammstein said...

Swedish humor has had a long hiatus. I haven't seen anything that is both funny and substantial in over 10 years now. These two can be occasionally funny, but the rate at which that happens makes be think they just get lucky every once in a while.

James B said...

I agree Rammstein, and the same
kind of hit & miss result has been happening in Swedish film for years now. Occasionally a Swedish film comes along that captures the moment and thus appeals to a huge Swedish audience, Smala Susie for exmaple. But again, I think successful Swedish films like successful Swedish comedy are often more luck than judgement.

Current favourite Swedish comedian? Well, at the moment no one else comes even close to Magnus Betnér.