Thursday, March 20, 2008

Three holidays in the same week!

Well Happy St. Patrick's Day, which was on Monday 17th.

And Happy Vernal Equinox to you pagans, which is today 20th.

And Happy Easter, which is on Friday and Sunday

Curious note: In Ireland, because St. Patricks Day was on the Monday of holy week, the church decreed that it was to be celebrated on Friday 15th instead, because the drinking of alcohol is frowned upon during holy week.
So it was celebrated on Friday instead of Monday by many people, especially of course the god-fearing Roman Catholics of mother Ireland.

Of course if the Vatican could work out a better system than the extremely complicated one they currently use for reckoning Easter, then it wouldn't feel like Easter gets earlier and earlier each year, and then it wouldn't clash with St. Patricks Day ;) Because when I was a young lad Easter always seemed to fall in April.

This year is the earliest I've ever known Easter to fall:

Easter Day 2008 - 23rd March ...Twenty third of March!!!!
Easter Day 2007 - 8th April
Easter Day 2006 - 16th April
Easter Day 2005 - 27th March
Easter Day 2004 - 11th April
Easter Day 2003 - 20th April
Easter Day 2002 - 31st March
Easter Day 2001 - 15th April
Easter Day 2000 - 23rd April

So maybe in six years time we'll have St. Patricks Day and Easter on the same Sunday!

Cheers and bless you!

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