Friday, May 30, 2008

Complain, complain,complain

As a sunny weekend is upon us I just want to reflect for a few minutes about the unbelievable amount of unnecessary complaining that Karlstad residents indulge in via letters to newspapers.

Here is a list of recent unbelievably stupid and unnecessary complaints to the letters' pages of the two local newspapers

Complaining about:
People exposing skin while sunbathing
People sunbathing in public places
People lying on the grass
Buses not taking every single route that every single person wants
Radio stations playing current music
Radio stations not playing music from 70 years ago that no one wants to listen to anyway
Pensioners, pensioners,pensioners
People who drive too slow

And so on.....

So Karlstad calm down and listen to some Bob Marley ..."sun is shining..."


Eva said...

Don´t you Worry.
Be Happy..

James said...

Aaah...lovely little animals. My favourite was the hmaster with the rifle!