Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally - a memorial to the non-famine caused by the British


However, the fact remains that the so called "famine" in Ireland in the 1840s was nothing of the sort - it was a failure by the British government (some say an attempt at genocide) to feed the people of Ireland with the other food that was still being produced by the Irish in Ireland (meat, fish, vegetables, crops) The Irish don't refer to it as "The Famine" but as "The Great Hunger"
Because they were denied food when there was plenty of meat and crops available.

And the word famine means "severe shortage of food" But there was no shortage of food, there was plenty of food being shipped out under armed guard to England and being eaten by the English in Dublin!

The two basic facts everyone needs to know, but which the British government still keeps quiet about after more than 150 years are these:

1. The potato crop failed, in other words the potato blight destroyed all the potatoes. Thus destroyng the one staple food source that the working and poor Irish were "allowed" to eat. Especially those working the land in rural areas.

2. There was plenty of food in the country, plenty of meat, and other crops and other vegetables. It's remarkable that the British seem to think that the potato blight must have killed off
pigs, cows, carrots, wheat, oats, fish and chickens as well!

HOWEVER, the poor people of Ireland were not permitted to eat these foodstuffs, the majority of which was produced for the English living in Ireland or was being shipped to England for English tables during the famine.

Listen to Sinéad O'Connors song "famine"

Or read any good book about the history of Ireland and you'll soon realise that calling, The Great Hunger a "famine" is like calling an April shower in London a monsoon!

Here's the lyrics to Sinead O'Connor's song "Famine" for those of you who don't want to watch Youtube or who can't understand everything she's singing:

OK, I want to talk about Ireland
Specifically I want to talk about the "famine"
About the fact that there never really was one
There was no "famine"
See Irish people were only ALLOWED to eat potatoes
All of the other food
Meat fish vegetables
Were shipped out of the country under armed guard
To England while the Irish people starved
And then on the middle of all this
They gave us money not to teach our children Irish
And so we lost our history
And this is what I think is still hurting me
See we're like a child that's been battered
Has to drive itself out of it's head because it's fightened
Still feels all the painful feelings
But they lose contact with the memory
And this leads to massive self-destruction
All desperate attempts at running
And in it's worst form
Becomes actual killing
And if there ever is gonna be healing
There has to be remembering
And then grieving
So that there then can be forgiving
There has to be knowledge and understanding
An American army regulation
Says you mustn't kill more than 10% of a nation
'Cos to do so causes permanent "psychological damage"
It's not permanent but they didn't know that
Anyway during the supposed "famine"
We lost a lot more than 10% of a nation
Through deaths on land or on ships of emigration
But what finally broke us was not starvation
Schools go on about "Black 47"
On and on about "The terrible "famine""
But what they don't say is in truth
There really never was one
So let's take a look shall we
The highest statistics of child abuse in the EEC
And we say we're a Christian country
But we've lost contact with our history
See we used to worship God as a mother
Look at all our old men in the pubs
Look at all our young people on drugs
We used to worship God as a mother
Now look at what we're doing to each other
We've even made killers of ourselves
The most child-like trusting people in the Universe
And this is what's wrong with us
Our history books
I see the Irish
As a race like a child
That got itself bashed in the face
And if there ever is gonna be healing
There has to be remembering
And then grieving
So that there then can be FORGIVING

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