Monday, June 9, 2008

What a witty answer

Sorry in advance to any English readers but this just doesn't work in English.

Well, the congress for Vänster (the Swedish Socialist Party as I call them...Why? Well, simply because that's what Vänster is ) ended at the weekend. Or The Left Party of Sweden as they call themselves

But everytime I read or hear The Left Party of Sweden, I think, "Someone's left the party and it's only 11 o'clock"

I listened to quite a bit of what was going on there on P1. And I just have to share with you what must be the wittiest response of the year by anyone to any question.

It was said by a party member when asked for his response to two of the motions put forward

motion: to accept file sharing, as it is impossible to stop, prevent or control.
motion: to re-opon contact with Cuba

His response was "Ja till fildelning nej till Fidel ledning"

What a witty answer, made even wittier by the fact that it contains all the facts and is a correct and clear response.

My socialist heart was also warmed by the fact that the congress voted NOT to stand on the same electoral platform as the Social Democrats and the Green Party at the next election. And by the continued call to leave the EU.

Coming from London, you see, I've always had a problem with this rödgrönröra in Sweden.
My view is simply this, that you're either a socialist(vänster) or a social democrat or a fruit-loop, green party, middle-class, hippy-liberal trying to save the planet, you can't be all three!

And I'm not.

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