Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The cult of the individual....

...and the perceived rights of the individual and the whole notion of liberalism advocating each man (woman) for him/herself and advocating the individual as being more important than society as a whole, is for me the only reasonable explanation for the selfishness, naivety, self-centred attitude, and lack of respect for
others displayed by the 22 year old woman in the following incident that occurred at Arvika last weekend. And the only possible reason why incidents like this are becoming more and more commonplace.

Ok, the 22 year old woman complimented a 25 year old woman (who was a complete stranger to her) on her hairstyle.

The 25 year old, not knowing this woman, made some presumably throw away comment as you do to strangers that suddenly say things to you out of the blue.

The 22 year old took offence to this response and poured her cup of hot coffee down the inside of the 25 year old's blouse.

And so quite rightly the 25 year old in shock and self-defence gave the 22 year old a slap in the face.........but guess who it was who reported the incident to the police?...WRONG! It was the 22 year old.

I mean talk about naive, talk about lack of respect, talk about self-centred. Talk about a total absence of the rights of others.

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