Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well the last month has gone by in a flash.

I spent 16 to 20 June trying to get everytihng done at work before going on two weeks holiday.
Now I'm back after those two weeks working for one week and trying to get everytihng done at work before going on three weeks holiday. It feels like work never adopts a stadard run-of-the-mill everday pace but is always either urgent and rushed or slow and boring.

Then about a month ago I started up a some cricket with some Pakistani and Swedish friends. A great way to get a bit of exercise and sun and have some fun for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. Apart from when we got absolutely drenched 3 weeks ago.

I was at Arvika festival on Saturday/Sunday for THIRTEEN hours and discovered some great goth, industrial and synth bands I'd never heard before intermixed maongst the boring indie pop bands.

I'm going to see Iron Maiden at Stockholm Stadion on 16th July.

And on 22nd July we're flying to London for a week there.

Then by the beginning of August I hope life and work will be back to "normal". I really don't like the summer or taking holidays.

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