Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympics, schmalympics

Quite a few of the "sports" (and I use the term sports lightly) at the olympics are similar to the late night sports shown on cable and satellite channels at all hours from 10 pm onwards when you've put the kids to bed or come in from the pub and you simply have a craving to see some sport and when anything will do as long as it is sport. "Sports" for example like darts, snooker, golf, endless poker programmes, American fake wrestling, ultimate fighting, air races in souped up small planes, 2-a-side beach volleyball and a whole range of various uninteresting and uninspiring motorbike and saloon car races in Germany, Italy, Holland and so on....

I make this comparison because every day at work since the olympics started I'm watching grown men (mostly) and some women watching the most obscure sports on TV during working hours and listening to them discussing them. Often the most worrying part is how they discuss them, as if they are suddenly experts in some new sport they've suddenly developed an extremely profound interest in, for example, women's softball...well I know why the men are
interested in that sport. Any sport that has women in tight tops and waving their arms about frantically is going to garner massive interest from the male population.

This craving for all sorts of sport regardless of quality and type is another clear indication that markets have totally gone from being governed by demand to being governed by supply from TV channels and various sporting organisations.

In exactly the same way that the mobile phone branch has taken complete control of and has dominated and created demand for its products, especially over the last 10 years, regardless of what individuals actually need.

The motto in today's society, from the powers that be both behind the olympics and the mobile phone branch is clearly:
You don't know what you need or want until we've told you, then shown you, then convinced you, then converted you, then sold you the product, be it floor gymnastics with ribbons, hoola hoops and balls to the latest all-singing, all-dancing mobile phone.

Welcome to the 21st I must rush home to see some women's softball...apparently the US team are very good ;O) Or at least they wear the tightest tops...apparently, according to a work colleague :O)


Liam G said...

Nice one, James. Good to see you're keeping the up blogging. Expect a return of 'Where Angels Fear' any day now.

James said...

Hello Liam, nice of you to drop in.
Blogging is a bit like chocolate isn't it? One day you want loads of it & knock out 3 or 4 posts. Then you can't face anymore for a few more weeks.

Yea, I was owndeirng what had happened to your blog. Glad to hear it'll be back.

We were over in london last week of July staying with mum. Blimey, it's expensive in ol' Blighty
nowadays, compared to Sweden anyway.

Did you ever know Dick Farrelly, a Dubliner, past resident of No. 15 Ladbroke Rd, guitarist by trade playe with Mary Coughlan, and now sometime resident of Dublin? Aged about 55 now. Well he just got in touch with me on Facebook.
That one of my mum's old tenants form the 80s should add me as a friend on facebook feels surreal,disturbing and comforting all at the same time and as if I've gone back in time 25 years.

Good to hear from you mate.