Monday, August 11, 2008

Post-holiday explosion post

Now back at work after my holiday. And so many things happened during it, just before it and after it that I just have to unload here in an explosive manner in one post, then service will be resumed as usual.

My family and I spent the last week of July in London:

  • It has become extremely expensive in London

The only thing that was cheaper in London than in Sweden was the clothes sales. Bought some lovely sports shirts and a coat at extremely reduced prices, often 80% off!

  • The air fare with Ryanaior was extremely cheap 2,800 SEK return for 4 of us
  • It doesn't feel safe to walk about at nightitme in London anymore
  • The humidity was up in the 80s, that added to an overcrowded tourist packed city just made the weather unbearable
  • The vast majority of shop staff, bus, tube and train staff have problems understanding basic English - very irritating
  • Foodstuffs are full of much more additives, nitrates and sulphates than in Sweden -not at all healthy
  • Glad to leave after a week

I never cease to be amazed at what some Swedes think is suitable attire for various semi-formal and formal occasions and what is and what isn't suitable behaviour at such occasions. Turning up in Crocs and getting completely pissed by 9 pm and behaving like an idiot seems to be totally acceptable to some.

Why do roadworks and the laying of heating pipes and so on take sooooo bloody long in Sweden? Probably partly because roadworkers and pipe layers in Sweden, unlike those in the UK, all seem to have long lunch breaks, finish work at about 3pm, have every Friday and weekend off, and have summer holidays in the middle of projects. It just wouldn't...well it simply isn't tolerated in the UK! Projectys are worked on in shifts often around the clock and at weekends until the job is done. That way the disruption to traffic and residents is as short a period as possible.

USA, UK and EU and Nato once again all criticise Russia in typical russophobia knee-jerk reaction mode and take the side of Georgia without finding out the full facts.

When Grenada was "invaded" by Cuban troops, the US sent troops to Grenada to protect the US citizens and kick the Cubans out. ...hhhmmmm...sounds fmailiar...yea the US then did exactly what Russia is doing now...protecting its citizens in another country.

Under the Soviet Union the South Ossetians had autonomy. But when the USSR dissolved in 91, Georgia tried to claim South Ossetia, who simply said "No" and "Why? we were autonomous under the USSR why should Georgia claim us now"

The only reason Georgia, the US, UK, Nato and EU are making such a stance here is because of the oil.

The South Ossetian freedom fighters (supported by Russia) have my support!

A few weeks ago I found out that in English HBT is GLBT. Then today I found out that in South Africa they say GLBTI. The I apparently stands for intersexual. As my favourite singer Morrissey said "There is no such thing as normal" good!

Today if my father was alive he would have been celebrating his 72nd birthday. However, sadly he died aged 53 in 1989 - after a 14 year illness.

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