Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doesn't time fly?

Doesn't time fly? I can't believe that it's been four months now since I last wrote here, and my life anyway is much the same.

The huge change of course in the last few months for many people has been the phenomenal explosion in the use of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube, Bebo and dozens of other social cyber-networks.
One of the knock-on negative effects, in my opinion, has been a decline, rather than an increase, in the writing of daily blogs, at least on the blogs I read anyway.

Some learned type somewhere on the other side of The Pond recently presented the theory, a theory that I agree with, that social cyber-networks ultimately make people lonlier, despite the huge number of cyber friends that people seem to have. And presumably also because the people who were lonely in the first place got into social networking in what we now know was a false hope of making friends in cyberspace that would hopefully become friends in real ife.

But instead of finding real friends they find themselves sitting in front of a computer screen on their own at home every evening waiting for people to respond to their input on any number of social networks and discussion forums, rather than going out and meeting real people.

To me that's a sad, tragic development in the use of the internet.

Now, I'm not sad and lonely but I do know that I spend far too much time on Facebook, both at home and at work, both during the week and at weekends; and my very limited blogging since November has been due to my increased use of Facebook.

During tea-breaks and lunch-breaks at work the topic of discussion is invariably about the actual phenomenon of social cyber-networking, of what's happening to Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube etc. The general usual daily chat of a staff room of years, decades and centuries past now seems to be redundant, because so much of people's everyday lives is now listed, written about and discussed on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, Myspace etc.

In one small rebellious way of my own I'm in the process of removing all the "friends" from my Facebook list of "friends" that are colleagues I actually work with or see on a daily basis.

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? I wonder if it flies just as fast when you're sad and lonely at home on your own in front of a computer screen and trying to make friends on the internet.

Probably not.

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