Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the summer we're just animals

Have you noticed that come the warm weather, the retreat of Jack Frost, a.k.a. Kung Bore, the
light days, the healing rays, and the calming breezes that we -mankind - especially in the northern hemisphere revert to some kind of Neanderthal pre-civilised, pre-industrialised, pre-urban catalogue of behavioural traits.

During the winter, the cold, the damp, the wet, the dark, the heavy snow, we carry on with our lives in deepest, darkest, wintry January in exactly the same way as we did in October.
That is to say we carry on driving our cars, going to work and doing everything we usually do, making no concessions, for the fact that it is winter, in the way that the animal kingdom does by going into hibernation, reducing activity, storing food, warmth and energy.

Yet come the warmth & the sun, we get randy, we start peeling off for the heat, we have more sex or at least want to have more sex, and when on holiday we rest in the sunny afternoons after big meals, just like lions. In short, we revert to a more natural animal like behaviour.

That said, I hate the sun.

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